Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan


Kleurrijke landmark in Hilversum

Om de gevel van het nieuwe gebouw aan te laten sluiten op de inhoud en functie van het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, wilde de gevelontwerper Jaap Drupsteen abstracties van televisie- en filmbeelden in reliëf laten uitbeelden in een glazen gev

Jaap Drupsteen had his design of a brilliant glass façade in mind with a colorful and dynamic appearance. The question was how to translate the vibrancy and atmosphere of stained glass into a contemporary exceptional glass product for a sustainable façade in which light transmission and color spectacle were required.

The basis of the glass façade is CREA-LITE, float glass that is deformed under high temperatures and takes over the relief structure from the substrate of the glass. By providing the glass with a color print prior to this design process, unique glass panels are created.

The process of applying colors to the glass according to a certain pattern involves a new printing technique, similar to a computer printer. In order to carry out this process in an industrial manner for the façade with a total surface area of ​​4,190m2, GLASSOLUTIONS Netherlands has developed a special machine together with TNO. This machine can use three colors of enamel (red, yellow, blue) to apply the chosen images to the glass in pedal form. The printing of a single glass panel lasted an hour and the intermediate result is similar to the old sand painting: applying colors by means of vibrations.

To make the light more vivid, the scene images have also been translated into relief. The images converted to black and white were milled out in wood by means of a digital process. The intensity of the black determined the depth. By heating the powdered glass panel on the imprint of the wooden mold on the sand in the oven to 800ºC, the glass softens and takes on the structure of the substrate and bags the enamel powders in the soft glass surface.

A total of 2,244 glass panels, each measuring 1170 x 1442 mm, were processed into CREA-LITE.